Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitzi is an end-to-end software solution for the modern staffing agency. From auto-matching talent to open positions, to easy processing of timesheets, payments and compliance. Recruitzi is designed to streamline your operations on one, integrated platform.

Recruitzi is a cloud-based software developed for temporary staffing agencies to manage their temporary workforce. Temporary staffing agencies can manage their clients, employees, jobs , timesheets and invoices all from a single software platform. This platform also provides Android and IOS applications for employees and clients. Employees can create their profiles, work on jobs assigned to them, record their working hours and submit their timesheets.

Recruitzi web application can be accessed using any operating system including MS Windows and Apple IOS. Just make sure to use latest internet browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari to open Recrtuizi web portal.

Recruitzi has mobiles applications for Android and IOS devices and agency clients and employees can download the latest application from their App Store and create their profiles. Agencies can manage their clients and workforce in real-time and communicate with them through Recruitzi Mobile applications.

Yes, we provide initial training to all customers who purchase our license so that they can take advantage of all the available functionality of our software. In addition we provide customer support to answer all the questions and queries.

We have implemented security best practice by configuring all the security components for data security and integrity. Data is secured in transit and at rest be implementing the secure socket layer and disk and database encryptions.

Yes, accounts can be created for the hiring managers and they can work on assignments as per the user rights assigned to them be the administrator.

Yes, candidates can download the latest version of Recruitzi App from the App Store and completed their registration process to complete their profile.

When your employees register from mobile devices the are added to the talent pool and agencies can search them using different search options.

Yes, When you create a job order best candidates are also automatched  from your talent pool. Candidates will be shortlisted/matched based on their skills, distance from the job and star ratings.

Recruitzi has a built-in communication module which allows you to communicate with candidates using in-app messages, email or SMS from within the system. Individual or group messages can be send from different part of the application.

Employees will be asked to upload their photograph as part of their registration and onboarding process. When they clock-in at work, they will be asked to take a selfie. The system will then use their profile photo, on-location selfie and GPS tracking data to verify that the correct person has reported for the job.

Using their smartphones to Clock-in and Clock-out allows the system to verify their identity and also auto-generate their timesheets with minimal manual intervention. In the event that an employee forgets to either Clock in our out, the information can be manually verified and entered by an on-site supervisor for the employer. 

Yes, GPS tracking is an important component of the Recruitzi app for workers. GPS tracking will commence shortly before the employee is scheduled to start a job and will end once the employee has clocked out.