Recruitzi Empowers Your Workforce

Recruitzi provides end-to-end recruitment solutions through its cloud-based web portals and mobile apps to cater to the needs of staffing agencies. We develop solutions for staffing agencies that optimize workforce scheduling and maximum shift coverage to increase productivity.

Increase Shift

Coverage by 86%

Reduce Employee

Turnover by 18%

Make Scheduling

Faster by 33%


Satisfaction Rate is 96%

Increase Scheduling

Efficiency by 33%

Decrease Employee

Turnover By 18%

Why Choose Recruitzi?

Continuous Optimization

At Recruitzi we are constantly working to improve your staffing and recruitment operations. Based on the feedback from customers we optimize and improve our features and functionality to make your staffing experience smooth and efficient

Flexible Scheduling

Recruitzi has designed a recruiting platform that is highly configurable and flexible to cater the needs of staffing agencies working in different industries and niches. We discuss the unique needs of our customers and configure the system accordingly to maximize business efficiency with optimized scheduling features.

Optimize Workforce Management

Our team has deep knowledge and experience in the staffing and recruiting industry and has helped customers to optimize their workforce management operations. We are constantly improving our workforce scheduling technologies to enhance customer experience and front-line workforce capabilities.

Empower the Workforce

Using Recruitzi mobile app you will empower your temp workers by sending them job invitations which they can review and accept on their mobile device. Timesheets will be generated digitally when they Clock-In & Clock-Out from their mobile app. They have the option to communicate using in-app messages, sms or email in real-time for smooth operations.

Why Clients Recommend Recruitzi

Agency Features

  • Agency Dashboard

  • Job Order Management

  • Employee Management

  • Customer Management

  • Messages Section

  • Geo Tracking

  • Timesheets

  • Invoice For Customers

  • Reports